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Meet Liana

Fourteen-year-old singer and songwriter Liana was born und raised in Switzerland. Smart, talented, and fearless, she is comfortable whether she is entertaining thousands of playing a game of catch at the park with her dogs, Fred & Pluto.  

Born a performer, Liana not only writes and sings her own music, she also plays drums and guitar.  

Liana was a finalist in the 2020 kids version of The Voice Germany as well as the 2019 Hit Like a Girl international contest for female drummers. In addition, she was selected to be a Junior Ambassador for the Hit Like a Girl Campaign and joined a group of young, girl drummers and beatmakers for around the world as a role model for girl power and a healthy lifestyle.  

In June 2022 she released her first self-written single called “Can’t Stop Me Now”, followed by “A Different Kind of Christmas” and "Friends No Matter What". 

Stay tuned for more… Liana has a strong drive to boldly follow her dreams.

Her Motto? We girls can do anything we put our minds to!  




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